To the K-5 Teacher Who Is TIRED of Spending Hours Planning and Prepping Centers and OVERWHELMED by Keeping Students On Task During Center Rotations...


Stop spending countless hours searching for HIGH-QUALITY, PREDICTABLE, HANDS-ON Math and Literacy Centers for your classroom and have a SIMPLE SYSTEM to manage them that ACTUALLY WORKS so you can FINALLY TEACH in small groups

without constant interruptions or off-task students!!!


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Let me ask yourself these questions daily...sometimes hourly!

How do I get my students to stay on task?

How do I keep my students from interrupting me during small groups?

How do I differentiate my centers?

Or maybe these run through your head

I can't keep my centers organized.

Yes! You can...and it doesn't even take spending hours on Pinterest! You just need a SIMPLE SYSTEM that is easy to maintain and keep up with!

My students can't complete the work in centers's a waste of time!

Wrong again...your students are completing the work because you don't have a SIMPLE SYSTEM with the right ACTIVITIES to ensure their success.

Planning centers takes way too long and if it is gonna be good I have to stay after school and spend my weekends prepping.

What if I told you you could ditch the weekend planning and prepping and actually have your centers ready to go each week before leaving on Friday afternoon? It's totally possible...with a SIMPLE SYSTEM!

The real reason you can't ACTUALLY TEACH in small groups...

If you are like most teachers, you WANT to differentiate your instruction and give your students the review and enrichment they need.

However, like many, you have no idea where to start! How do I group my students? How do I schedule small groups?

Math and literacy centers are the easiest way to differentiate your review and enrichment.

And with DIGITAL CENTERS for Google Slides™, Seesaw™, and BOOM™ you can still use center activities in your technology centers, during.

We know that centers are useful, the problem is that most teachers are not shown how to implement them or even what to put into the centers to get the greatest impact.

You were just thrown into your classroom to figure it out on your own and you have done the best you can!

But that's's all you knew...UNTIL NOW!

And there is probably something else that most teachers don't have, that you may not have noticed (until now!) Have ya ever noticed... THEY DON'T HAVE A REPRODUCIBLE SYSTEM???

They don't use a CLEAR, FUNCTIONAL, and CONSISTENT system that can be used in ANY CLASSROOM to run their centers!

If you're like most struggling teachers I meet, the biggest HURDLE that keeps your centers in complete chaos is that burning question you ask yourself every year:

“What center management system should I choose?”


Look — we all know that if a ship leaves port headed to its destination and it is off by even one degree when it leaves, it will be MILES off course from its destination and never arrive.

Well heck! Choosing the wrong center system won’t just send you hundreds of miles off course… it’ll send you to a completely different planet!

And that very thought keeps so many teachers stuck.

The fear of wasting weeks or even a whole semester going in the wrong direction, choosing the wrong system... it causes most teachers to NEVER even start centers at all.

And every single teacher who gets stuck here — and stays stuck here — is making one of the BIGGEST mistakes that are guaranteed to keep them from FINALLY teaching in small groups and getting the BIGGEST IMPACT for their students.

And the worst part? They don’t even REALIZE they’re making a mistake that’s costing them precious time (and probably wasted money) and an immeasurable amount of lost impact for their students (and maybe you didn’t realize it either… until now).



if you don't learn to implement the Easy Centers Framework™ your students are missing out on meaningful independent activities and you are making your teacher life harder than it has to be.

I mean, can you show me ANY teacher today who is trying to run math and literacy centers that DOESN'T have a system?


The problem is usually a very complicated and intricate system that if they were HONEST has to be changed every year (sometimes during the year) because bits and pieces are not working...and they don't even know why!

So, the real question is: is it just a coincidence that MOST teachers have that in common?!

NO! In fact, teachers know they need a system..they just can't seem to find one that ACTUALLY WORKS and allows them to FINALLY TEACH!

The problem is usually a very complicated and intricate system that if they were HONEST has to be changed every year (sometimes during the year) because bits and pieces are not working...and they don't even know why!

So, the real question is: is it just a coincidence that MOST teachers have that in common?!

NO! In fact, teachers know they need a system..they just can't seem to find one that ACTUALLY WORKS and allows them to FINALLY TEACH!

They have figured out that implementing a simple system and making sure they have a place to find activities is crucial to maintaining their centers and keeping their teacher sanity.

And when YOU discover the simple system that I have been using in my own classrooms for over 20 years and have access to a library of math and literacy activities for your centers, you will also know what it feels like to LOVE your math and literacy centers.

When you enroll in Learning Centers Made Easy™ Masterclass, you will learn my step-by-step methods for implementing math and literacy centers easily in your K-5 classroom and if you join the Learning Centers Made Easy™ Membership, you will get access to the activities you need for those centers...THAT ACTUALLY WORK.

It's a no-brainer! Get the activities you need, the system you need, and ongoing support all in one place!

What if you could differentiate your centers, teach in small groups without interruptions, and stop spending nights and weekends planning and prepping centers?



Say "BYE BYE" to the

Sunday Night Blues Forever

No more scrambling to find math and literacy centers at the last minute.

Stop wishing you had multiple grade levels so you could meet the needs of all your students.

No more stressing over WHAT to put into your centers.

Get the centers you NEED...all in one convenient place.

No more wishing your centers were aligned to standards.

STOP STRESSING OVER VIRTUAL LEARNING...Have Digital Activities for Google Slides™ and Seesaw™ and BOOM™ at your fingertips each month!



The Master Course

When you join the LCME Membership, you get access to our LCME Masterclass so you can have the SIMPLE SYSTEM I used for more than 20 years in my own classrooms. Centers have never been so simple and you will FINALLY be able to teach in small groups with ease!

From FOUNDATIONS to EXECUTION this masterclass walks you STEP-BY-STEP on how to set up your center system, group your students, introduce centers from the first day, and execute center rotations like a MASTER so you can teach in small groups without interruptions or off-task students.

The Center Library

With over 3000+ math and literacy centers in printable and digital formats (for 3 popular platforms) in grades K-5, you are never going to scramble for center activities again.

Differentiate with ease and STOP THE ENDLESS SCROLLING searching for math and literacy activities that follow those predictable patterns.

Aligned to CCSS and TEKS standards, your students will get the review and enrichment they need, work independently, and YOU WILL FINALLY be able to TEACH IN SMALL GROUPS!


The most valuable advice I ever got as a new teacher was, "the best PD is often the teacher next door"! And this holds true in our amazing LCME Rockstar community! Our community of K-5 teachers from all over the world share tips and strategies with each other to help overcome even the most challenging obstacles.

Sometimes advice is needed. Sometimes it's just an ear to vent to. This NO JUDGEMENT zone is one of the safest places in the online teacher community!

We are here to support and encourage each other through it all. If you have a bad day...a friend is just a post away. It's truly one of my favorite places to hang out!


Having the masterclass, the library, and the community is enough...but what makes this membership the cat's meow is the COACHING!

You get a LIVE coaching session each month where you can submit questions for Farrah to answer. Join as a YEARLY VIP and get a second PRIVATE group coaching call for personalized coaching and support!

Listen, we all know what it's like to have a problem but feel like you can't talk to the teachers in your building (or your administration) and these coaching calls are a safe space to get help!

You get it all...the masterclass, the center library, a family of teachers like you, and a coach to guide you along the way!






Learn how to make sure your students can work independently in their centers by ensuring that the activities you put in centers follow predictable patterns (like those found in all our centers in the library)!


Your center system should run without you...EVEN IF YOU HAVE A SUB! With our Easy Centers Framework™ and SIMPLE rotation and management system, your small group block will be a well-oiled machine!


Consistency is key to success in almost everything we do...and centers are no exception! Learn how to set yourself up for success so that you are never missing an opportunity for your students to learn in centers and even learn how to make your own centers so you are never caught without an activity for a standard...but we know with the might find that is never the case!

WITHOUT Learning Centers Made Easy

You will continue to


Waste Time....after school and on weekends - STOP THE SCROLL


Waste Money....on activities your students can not do independently


Be frustrated and overwhelmed...with interruptions and off-task students

reach small-group rockstar status

How awesome would it be to BEG for your teacher observation to be during your small group block because YOU KNEW your students were going to rock it independently?

You will learn why you should be using centers...


you are getting the most out of your small group instruction block. You will learn different types of centers that can help you achieve your goals and when is the proper time to use each for maximum benefit.

You will learn how to set up your center rotation system...


your students can work independently and you can ACTUALLY TEACH in small groups without interruptions, off-task students, and even hold your students accountable for their center work.

You will learn how to effectively group your students...


you can easily differentiate your centers and meet the needs of your students, giving them the review and enrichment they deserve.

Learn how to organize your centers so that planning and prepping centers doesn't require you to miss out on time with family and friends!


Did someone say BONuses...

STEM Checklist

Want to include STEM in your centers? With this easy checklist, your next trip to the dollar store will be a breeze! Simple items found around the house make great STEM supplies as well!

Visual Posters

Our system is designed to run without the need of a permanent display for centers, however, sometimes students need visual reminders for the expectation and proceudres during centers! These colorful posters will help your students stay on track during center rotations.

Plan with Ease

From grouping your students, planning center activities, and planning small group instruction, keep it all in one place with our printable or digital small group instruction and center planner!

You get it all...the masterclass, the center library, family of teachers like you,

THE BONUSES....and a coach to guide you along the way!

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“Just had a walk-thru and my admin was really impressed at how student-led my class was...”

"Thank you so much for helping me put systems in place that work. Just had a walk-thru and my admin was really impressed at how student-led my class was because they knew the routines!"

Robin Johnson, 3rd Grade

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We know you will love the LCME Membership...but...

In the event that you join us today, and decide that the LCME Membership isn't for you, simply email our customer support team within 7 days and we will give you a full refund! No questions asked! Just let us know within 7 days!

This is a monthly recurring (or yearly if you choose VIP) membership, however, you can cancel at any time! You have complete access to your account in the member's area and can cancel your membership at anytime! It's that simple!

It's No Wonder So Many K-5 Teachers are RAVING

About Our SIMPLE SYSTEM for Managing Math and Literacy Centers!

"I can now meet with all my students every day."

"LIFE-CHANGING! I can now meet with all my students every day and I know that they are getting the review and enrichment they need in their centers."


"My littles are loving how confident they feel because they can work independently..."

"If you are struggling with implementing centers and keeping students engaged, this training is for you! My littles are loving how confident they feel because they can work independently and I finally feel like I can get my teaching done in my small groups."


"This has helped me be a better teacher for my students..."

"I wish I had had this training and this knowledge 25 years ago. This has helped me be a better teacher for my students finally teach in small groups! Worth every minute and every penny!"


Our teachers are discovering just how powerful small-group instruction can be when your off-group students are working independently...

Alexis is meeting with all her students EVERY DAY!

Sharon is more confident and no longer wasting money on activities that don't work.

Michelle moved from 5th grade to KINDERGARTEN (for the first time) and ROCKED small group instruct instruction virtually, hybrid, and in person!


It's time to give your math and literacy centers the SIMPLE SYSTEM that ACTUALLY WORKS and FINALLY give your students the review and enrichment they deserve...Just like it's done for these teachers.


Can’t I just get the materials and do this on my own? could...but...

You could definitely do all the research, search all the blogs, and try to piece together a system that will work. That’s what I did...over many years and thousands of dollars! But, with the LCME membership, you will have everything you need ALL IN ONE PLACE and the most important thing is you will have ME coaching and cheering you on along the way...something I never had!

I don’t know if I can afford $29 a you have a cheaper option?

This is an insane opportunity

THIS price is so CRAZY that my fellow teacher-coaches said I was NUTS for offering this so low! The K-5 printable centers alone are valued at $2000...add the digital centers an additional $1500. The centers alone make it worth it! Add on top of that the SIMPLE SYSTEM to implement them, training ($1100 VALUE), additional bonuses ($3250 VALUE)….well...IT’S A NO-BRAINER!

Can I cancel at any time?

YES...but you won't want to!

Absolutely! You can cancel anytime up to 24 hours before your scheduled payment! You have a link in your members' area to access your billing setup. This membership is set up like a Netflix membership! As long as you are a subscribing member you will have access to all the materials, pieces of training, and extra bonuses that you have in your library! When you cancel, you will lose access to the library! But we don't think you will want to cancel because being a VIP is such an amazing experience...we are more like a FAMILY!

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